Alexander Chen

I create interactive, musical projects. I live in Brooklyn with my wife and dog, and I spend my days at Google Creative Lab, mostly working on Glass.

Some background: I created Sonata for the Unaware (generating music from footage of Philadelphia commuters) during my last year of college (2002). I’ve worked in the interactive industry at various companies such as Barbarian Group, Modernista, and Google since 2003. In 2004, Markus Acher (of The Notwist) listened to my recordings and released my first album as Boy in Static; he also took my band on tour. I lived in Gothenburg from 2009-2010 where I released an album as The Consulate General. In 2011, I launched MTA.ME (turning a New York subway map into a string instrument). I conceived and developed the Les Paul Doodle with a small team at Google.

See my full work-related bio for exhibitions, speaking experience, and press.

Twitter: @alexanderchen
Google: +Alexander Chen
Email: alex@chenalexander.com